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Equipment Type
Basic Equipment
1. Abdominal strap WS-23-0
2. Abdominal strap WS-41-0
3. Anaesthetic frame WS-01-5
4. Anaesthetic frame WS-01-6
5. Angle support WS-07-5
6. Arm support PR-01-5
7. Attachment for side rail WS-53-0
8. Attachment for the leg abduction WS-96-5
9. Chest support WS-52-5
10. Drip bottle holder WK-01-5
11. Foot controller WS-36
12. Hand holder WS-43-0
13. Hand support PR-01-5
14. Hanger for equipment WS-13.5
15. Hip support WS-93-5
16. Holder for anaesthetic tubes WS-14-5
17. Holder of thigh WS-44-0
18. Holder of thigh WS-44-1
19. Holder of x-ray tray WS-12-0
20. Large side support WS-08-5
21. Not-divided leg rest SG-42
22. Not-divided leg rest SG-42.5
23. Patient leg strap WS-42-0
24. Patient leg strap WS-42-1
25. Pubic support WS-49-5
26. Right and left shoulder support WS-06-5
27. Side holder for x-ray tray WS-33-0
28. Side rails WS-32-5
29. Side shoulder support WS-59-5
30. Side support WS-50-5
31. Side support with lever WS-50-6
32. Tray for accesories WS-15-5
33. Wire controller WS-35
34. Wire controller WS-37
35. Wristlet WS-34-5
36. X-ray tray WS-11-5
37. X-ray tray WS-11.7
38. X-ray tray WS-19-6
39. X-ray tray WS-19.7
Gynaecology, urology, proctology
40. Bag holder WS-92-5
41. Gynaecological attachment WS-28-5
42. Gynaecological attachment WS-28.7
43. Gynaecological attachment Ws-28-0
44. Gynaecological-urological section SG-44
45. Gynaecological-urological section SG-44.5
46. Knee rests WS-05-5
47. Lithotomy stirrups WS-64-5
48. Proctological attachment WS-30-5
49. Proctological attachment WS-30.0
50. Strainer WS-89-5
51. Urological attachment WS-29-0
52. Urological attachment WS-29-5
53. Urological attachment WS-29.7
54. Clamp mechanism WS-16-5
55. Filling mattress WS-67-0
56. Head rest WS-69-0
57. Multiposition clamp mechanism WS-17-6
58. Spinal mattress WS-65-0
59. Under neck roll WS-68-0
Neurosurgery, laryngology, opthalmology
60. Adaptor for mounting thr laryngologic-ophthalmic head rest WS-84.7
61. Hand support for a doctor WS-22-5
62. Head rest for cervical vertebras operations WS-21-8
63. Laryngologic-ophthalmic head rest WS-21-4
64. Laryngologic-ophthalmic head rest WS-21-5
65. Laryngologic-ophthalmic head rest with track adjustment WS-21-9
66. Laryngologic-ophthalmic narrow head rest WS-45-5
67. Laryngologic-ophthalmic wide head rest WS-46-5
68. Roller lift WS-88-5
Orthopaedy, traumatology
69. Arm support WS-86.6
70. Arm supports WS-86-5
71. Attachment for arthroscopic treatment WS-39-5
72. Attachment for backward nailing WS-95-5
73. Attachment for knee operation WS-85-5
74. Attachment for knee operation WS-85.6
75. Attachment for meniscus treatment WS-40-5
76. Attachment for shoulder surgery WS-91-5
77. Attachment for shoulder surgery WS-91.7
78. Attachment for the leg abduction WS-96-5
79. Bar support WS-72-5
80. Foot grips WS-73-5
81. Half-roll WS-66-0
82. Hand operating table WS-48-5
83. Hand traction device WS-47-5
84. Heel holders WS-74-5
85. Hip support WS-60-5
86. Hip support WS-60.6
87. Knee support WS-75-5
88. Leg support WS-71-5
89. Orthopaedic attachment SO-11
90. Orthopaedic attachment SO-12
91. Orthopaedic attachment trolley WS-80.5
92. Stand for orthopaedic attachment WS-13.6
93. Suport for plastering WS-70-5
94. Suport for plastering WS-70.6
95. Support for shoulder surgery WS-87-5
96. Support holder WS-82-5
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